The world that we live in has become faster and bolder. 

    Globalisation, war, inflation, lock-downs, growth markets, fluctuations, 

    opportunities and for some, survival. 

    How about breaking free now?

The Great HReset.

We are robustly sourcing, interviewing, hiring, and even employing staff for you where you have no presence. Conveniently providing you with top-class in-house immigration, relocation, company secretarial and legal services all under one roof. Having your dedicated customer success manager overseeing all. Do you really know what your cost is of not resetting right now? So what's stopping you then?

Your premium talent, literally employed anywhere, made available instantly, and of course nonstop! We listened to you.

Since the pandemic started in 2020, remote work is here to stay. Because it has become very hard to find local talent, you need to have the alternative of hiring remotely but of course without the usual hassle. Nova Satus can actually step in as your preferred go-to partner, safely addressing those new business needs that are now mission-critical. Directly, or on behalf of your end-clients, worldwide from large multinationals and consulting firms, to government and SME's. Proven itself already for over 10 years, offering more premium than any other can. Act now. Join our elite group of customers - sustainably run companies only - that you wish to be associated with, and we want to invest in?! 

Your One-Stop-Shop.

Obsessed by “making your world work better”, we are helping our clients to save time or money, but in most cases of course both. Did you know that we actually own all those foreign legal entities that are conveniently employing or contracting our clients’ on-demand staff? Currently we are physically present in more than 200 countries. and that number will continue to grow in the future. That's why we can solve your dire needs faster than anybody else. Often, you would not even know that it is us that is in fact doing all the work. Because when 'others' do not have this local presence, they will always have to come to us. We deliver our services to them, and they then to you as if it was done by them, and because of their contract stipulations to us you would never know otherwise either.

Why Change?

Now you can start reducing your operating costs.

Because you can reduce employment risks so you can focus on the core of your company.

You can have all your onboarding hurdles, payroll, compensation and benefits, tax filing, and termination of employment covered. Our solutions allows you to manage your overseas teams efficiently while minimising cost and risk.

You are onboarded in days with us, not weeks or often months with other firms. You  are always close to us and we can come up with solutions the instant you need them. All the required foreign legal entities that your company needs to have are already set up and staffed for you, so you will never have any trouble.

Offshore freelancers can be a cost-efficient and an innovative way to get the work done. Many of them actually earn higher rates as freelancers than they would with their local employers. Less expensive doesn’t mean lower quality.

On the contrary, because we manage all the logistics, you can focus on your core, on getting what you need finished. You can submit assignments online, provide detailed instructions of exactly what needs to be done, and then sit back, relax, and wait for the results to appear in your inbox.

You can get started right away. Okay, then let us focus on getting the job done right. We’re here to help!

You'll be getting the most out of every opportunity globally while taking advantage of the areas you can leverage to quickly and easily boost your efficiency, reduce costs and improve morale of your inhouse-staff. 

This is done by removing the productivity barriers in your way, by meeting the changing demands of your business, by streamlining your operations, by adding on-demand professional help when you don't have enough in-house.

Are you ready for your new beginning?

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